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About the Lab

The CEDAR (Couples’ Experiences with Diversity and Adversity in Relationships) Lab is led by Dr. Lydia Emery at the University of Chicago. The lab studies links among close relationships, social class, and the self. Relationships are fundamental to how people navigate their social worlds and understand who they are. How do relationships function, and do the ways people experience their relationships differ based on the social class contexts and personal identities they being to their relationships? Research in the lab uses a combination of longitudinal, daily diary, experimental, and behavioral methods to answer these kinds of questions. To learn more, read about our research or check out our recent publications

We’re recruiting!

We are recruiting a graduate student for the 2024-2025 academic year within the social psychology area. See here for information on how to apply.



Dr. Lydia Emery presented work from the CEDAR lab at the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP) annual conference in Madison, WI. Her talk focused on how couples' identities differ based on the couple's social class contexts, and implications of...

New Paper about Recruiting Lower-SES Participants

We have a new paper in press at AMPPS with collaborators David Silverman and Rebecca Carey on best practices around recruiting and working with lower-SES participants. In this paper, we suggest that the primary considerations when working with lower-SES participants...

Prospective research assistants, join us!

If you are a UChicago undergraduate or master’s student looking to join the lab and get research experience, please contact us. Research assistants in the lab can work on a range of types of projects, including collecting data (both in the lab and out in the world),...

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